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What to do at the scene of an accident?
Check to see how bad the injuries are and check to see if first aid is required.
If the injury is not serious , help the person back down the mountain.

However , if the injury is serious , place markers several metres uphill of where the injured person is lying . Cross your skis upright in the snow or your snowboard .
Release the casualty’s bindings, leave the boots on unless there is a particular need
to remove them . Put them in the recovery position – on their side – only if you are certain they have no skeletal injury. Keep them as warm as possible.

If you are more than one person , one of you should go and get help , the nearest lift operator will be able to contact the ski patrol.

What is Family defined as ?
This is defined as Husband and Wife (or couple co-habiting for at least 6 months plus all children under 18 and under living at home and in full-time education travelling
with an Primary Insured parent.

What is the age limit of the Policies?
The age limit of the Policies is 65. For persons older than 65 please telephone us on
0870 755 6101

What off piste cover is there ?
All Policies cover off-piste but there are certain guidelines : you will not be covered should you go off-piste alone , you must be with someone else , not necessarily with
a guide but with another skier or snowboarder who is skiing or boarding within their capability . You will be covered whilst off-piste skiing or snowboarding only in areas designated as safe by resort management . You cannot venture where it is clearly signed "forbidden" , for obvious reasons . It is also advisable to take such Safety Products as Transceivers , Avalanche Probes and Shovels as a precaution , some guides will not allow to take people touring unless they have these. Such products
can be purchased online at


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