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Ortovox is a leader in Mountain Safety Equipment. If you are venturing off-piste or going back country it is crucial that you have the correct equipment should you encounter an avalanche or the unexpected

Ortovox evolved because of the Avalanche Transceiver. The Company was founded in 1980; the main reason behind this was because the only Avalanche Transceivers available worked on different frequencies. This made it impossible to rescue a victim in time . Ortovox decided to develop a transceiver which had double frequency.

Ortovox Transceivers are all on 457 kHz frequency.

1989 -F1 Classic
1990 -F1 Plus (the first transceiver with an in built visual search aid)
1994- F1 Focus
1998- M1 (the first digital analog transceiver with computer prompts to guide users)
2000- M2
2002- X1

The decisive advantages of the Ortovox Transceiver are:

· Fast reception of first signal and greater range
· Precise calculation of the direction and the distance to the buried person
· Clear indication and accurate guidance to the victim
· Easy use and clear functions

A Transceiver on its own is not going to complete a rescue: there was an obvious need for products that would compliment the transceiver and facilitate rescue. Ortovox developed Avalanche Shovels, probes and 1st Aid Bags.

What then followed was the development of backpacks designed specifically for this safety equipment to fit in different compartments of the backpack. Three types of Backpack were developed:

1. Evolution Line
2. Performance Line
3. M-Line


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