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Briko goggles are on the cutting edge of ski optic technology. Years of research and development have produced lenses with a visual acuity far superior to any other goggle on the market. Briko's time tested lens technology, with multiple tint options, allows the user to custom tailor goggles for weather conditions and specific application.


The concepts at the foundation if the Briko lens system are
· Selective light filtration
· The need to increase contrast and image definition
· To protect the eye from damaging effects of the UVA and UVB rays.

Types of lenses

Plus Lenses
Basic colour is red and its derivatives
The Plus Lenses are sports lenses that increase visual efficiency and the degree of image definition in poor visibility and flat light conditions, making them ideal for speed sports, even in extreme conditions. They cut back reaction time to improve both sports performance and safety.

Hi-Fi Vision
They reduce potentially dangerous blue light; improve definitions of outlines and increase contrast and depth of vision. Hi-Fi lenses guarantee sharper vision.

A transparent lens capable of increasing visual comfort in poor lighting conditions and protecting against UVA and UVB rays.

Special treatment that consists of placing metallic particles on the lens' surface , thus filtering excess light


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