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The cheapest snowboard insurance for a snowboard holiday is not always the best. If you do get the cheapest quote make sure you check the cover levels and Policy wording as well. The key to the cover levels are the excesses on all benefits and the single article limits.

The Medical Coverage can often be very high, like £5,000,000 or £10,000,000 but the excess can be up to £150.
At , the excess level on the Medical Expenses is £100 but if you are claiming in Europe then this excess is waived should you have an E111 when you take out the Policy.
www.b sends out E111s for those insured in Europe as Season Aires.
The E111 only applies to those being insured in Europe. (See section on E111s) -link
Check also that the Medical Cover also covers "rescue off the mountain" and "air ambulance".

For the Single Article Limit, this applies to Baggage and Personal Possessions cover as well as Winter sports Equipment cover. You need to check this as Snowboards and skis are expensive.
Again covers Snowboard  Equipment to £1000 with a single article limit of £500.
For Baggage and Personal Possessions the cover is £250 per single article limit so if you have a Laptop or an expensive camera or camcorder these will not be covered. You can check your Home Insurance Policy to see if these items are covered. Your Home Insurance would have an "All Risks" clause in the cover which usually means that the contents that are covered in your household policy are covered when you are away, however you need to check the duration limit on this. Many of the policies stipulate that you are only covered for a limited period say of 31 days though

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